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Curious who’s brewing, baking and making the yummy goodness here at Palm and Palma?

Well, like you, it started out as a passion…

“Save It As A Hobby, Cariña – You Won’t Make Money From Art.”​

As a Latina and the oldest child of three, I’ve always felt a lot of pressure to make my family proud. (Sound familiar?)

Growing up, my family struggled financially and the sacrifices they made were what made it possible for me to get into a university. It was – and is – a big deal. Which meant intentionally choosing to pursue a creative career was always going to be a risk … but it was a risk I had to take.

Encouraged by other freelancers on social media, I began investing in myself so that I could slowly transition from wandering artist to fully-fledged creative with an agency of my own.

Those early days were tough but satisfying. I threw everything I had into the pot, burning myself out and building my business and brand. It was harder than it had to be, and I made a whoooole lot of mistakes along the way. *Tsks*

Level C Brand Specialist
Lisa holding plants

But it’s this energy – the sassy fire-starter, optimistic dreamer and determined doer – that I’ve deliberately baked into the soulful sauce of Palm and Palma.

Today, I’m here to help ethical small businesses overcome the overwhelm and level up their success so they can support their families and live the lives they dream of.

But, together, we’re going to do it the FUN and frustration-free way, okay? Because building your business and brand shouldn’t be painful.

When you have purposeful branding and design positioned perfectly to connect with your dream customers, THAT’s when the magic happens. That’s when you turn one-time buyers into loyal customers searching for seconds – for LIFE.

You in? Vamos!

Lisa xo

Fun Facts




Founder & Designer

On our desk:

Our designs might be clean…but our desks are messy! (It’s good for our creativity, don’t worry.)

During a Zoom call:

You’ll find Daisy, my sassy chihuahua, warming up my lap (and sleeping on the job)!

Go-To Brunch Choice:

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Chicken & Waffles

Avocado Toast

In collaboration with


Marissa, Founder & Creative Copywriter


Ready to take your amazing new brand, website, or packaging design and add a big, juicy cherry on top?


My name is Marissa, and I’m a creative copywriter obsessed with capturing your personality and translating your passion and expertise into a brand voice that makes your dream clients fall in love with your business.


With an 8-year career in writing, I love using storytelling and honest sales tactics to help female-led business owners book more clients while letting their true colors shine through the power of words. I offer brand voice development, website copywriting, sales page copywriting, and email copywriting.


Lisa and I are teaming up together to deliver a full-service branding + copywriting experience–so you can hit the ground running with a magnetic brand that resonates with your dream clients.

Marissa from

Behind the name of Palm & Palma

Tip: Hover over yellow hotspots

Palm Leaf

An homage to our LA roots; The melting pot of cultures and, of course, food!

Palm of our hand

Community is the beating heart of our work, and we are committed to harnessing our talent and creativity to contribute to a better future for you and our world. We believe by following our dreams we can bring your brand, vision, and mission to life, too. Plus, we give damn good high-fives.


P.S. Palma also means palm of our hand & palm tree in spanish

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