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Say goodbye to DIY designs and hello to eye-catching, unique, and memorable designs that truly represent your brand. We'll work with you every step of the way to ensure your vision comes to life, and your brand stands out from the crowd.

Does this sound like you?

Your brand identity is not cohesive or consistent. 

Customers are not able to recall your brand or what it stands for.

Struggle to refresh or rebrand DIY style in a timely manner

Struggle to differentiate your brand in a crowded market

You cringe on your current logo that doesn’t look professional

Struggle to build brand loyalty with customers

Then you need a brand makeover...

Get the ingredients that will help you stay cohesive and stand out from your competitors

Conncet with your kind of people that engage with your brand and gain loyal brand fans that say "shut up and take my money!"

And set your brand up for a sustainable, successful future for years to come.

Here is how we make that happen:

Our recipe to building brands:

Step 1


We will gather some of the basic, yet important, information we need to know about your brand and goals before our brand strategy call.

Step 2


During our Brand strategy workshop, we will uncover your brand’s secret ingredient that will allow you to stand out from your competitors, get a better understanding of your ideal customers, and figure out how we will position your brand. All this will take place on zoom for 2+ hours in the span of two days. (Plus you get a coffee on us. 😉)

Step 3

Art Direction

After we have done some research and gained clarity on your brand foundations, we will start thinking about the design style that we want to take your brand towards; based on the strategy we have developed. This will take form as a stylescape (think of it as a in-depth mood board) where we will collaborate on choosing the art direction.

Step 4


Now to the exciting part! We will go into our little design cave with our cup of tea and start designing the logos, color palette, fonts, icons, and any other collateral that we agreed on. Once we are done with the first draft, we will come back to present our design choices. This will be the perfect moment for you to give us any feedback (if any) as we finalize your brand identity design.

Step 5


Then, of course, once everything is finalized, we will create your brand style guide which will be your go-to reference to staying visually consistant. We will also help you come up with launch ideas and/or design marketing collateral that will help bring buzz to your new and improved brand.

The ingredients

  • Brand Strategy 2-Day Workshop (Collaboration with CopyCrush for your brand voice development)
  • Custom logos (includes Primary logo, alternative logos, and favicon)
  • Color palette
  • Font pairings
  • Brand icons
  • Any other collateral you may need (ex: business card, Thank you cards, social media templates, etc)
  • Full in-depth brand guidebook (PDF)
  • Bonus: Set of custom branded gifs/social stickers

Investment starts at: $1,500

*Additional marketing collateral is available upon request

Desk setup
“...I loved working with Lisa and Marissa; its great to be working with young latinas. I felt like you got what I was trying to do and you both were so creative… It was awesome to see you taking my ideas, vision, and values and incorporating that into the end result. It was a lot of fun going through the creative process, I felt like I was playing… I am so excited to get this out there!”

Why Us?

As a latina raised by immigrant parents, I get how difficult it can be to make the few resources that you do have work for you. My goal is to help those who have the desire and drive to make a positive difference in their community, pave the way for the future generation, and of course make your dream biz a reality.


I too, was afraid and unsure about becoming an entreprenur, but here I am doing the thing! And I want to help you go through this entreprenur journey. 


We aren’t the kind of people who gatekeeps or leaves you hanging after our project, we aim to be your design partners for years to come!

Lisa on chair

Case Study


Branding + Merch + email

When Patty came to us, she had a vision to build a community of latinas who have felt like they are “not latina enough”. Her goal was to create a brand that is based on community, spirituality, and self-care. With the concept of “making you own self-care recipe”, we were able to…

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Have questions? We're here to help!

These services aren’t like an all-you-can-eat buffet. Instead, we tailor our prices to match your project. With this in mind, the typical price range for a project can range from $2k to $12k based on the scope, timeframe, and size of the business. For more info, please download our Design Kitchen Investment Guide and apply to book a free discovery call so I can give you a custom quote.

We love working with brands in different industries such as the food/bev, beauty, hair care, pet and lifestyle brands especially if you are women-owned, eco-friendly, and/or POC brand. However, we choose to work with brands that share similar values, truly care about their customers, and are passionate about making quality products. If you love what you have seen us do for other amazing brands, apply to book a free discovery call and let’s find out if we are a good fit (like chicken and waffles).

For Brand and Packaging projects, we require a deposit of 35% to begin your strategy workshop. Our projects are then divided into two or three monthly installments depending on your payment plan. All payments are securely made through our easy, online app Dubsado + Stripe.

Sorry, we do not offer refunds for deposit or paid invoices. We work hard behind the scenes, and we believe we deserve to be compensated for that.

Every project is different, and we’ll let you know your exact timeline once your application has been approved and your project has been locked into our calendar. As a benchmark, expect to set aside at least four months for brand and packaging projects, while custom gifs may take three weeks. For more details, please download the Design Kitchen Investment Guide.

Easy! We’re passionate about true collaborations which means honest communication throughout your entire journey. Depending on your project, you’ll have around 2-3  revision periods to refine your design. Worried you’ll need more than that? Don’t be. We’re continually improving our process and are confident we’ll have your design dished up hot before your revisions run out. And if the unexpected happens and you do need more, you can add on another round of revisions at our hourly rate.

If there were a degree in environmentally friendly visual design, we’d have it! We are constantly learning the ins, outs and intricacies of creating eco-friendly packaging so we can help you research and incorporate packaging that is kind to the environment. We’ll also help you source printers with the same ethos so your packaging is pro-planet from concept to distribution.

A great brand is not based on how cool your logo looks. At Palm & Palma, we believe that a brand is built with high-quality ingredients used across your customer’s journey. A logo is just one ingredient in the whole meal. But branding stretches beyond the visuals; it’s what the people think about your brand. Which is why we create strategic-based designs to ensure we serve you the best we can.

I will let you in on a surprise. Although we specialize in creating brands + packaging, we are open to expanding our services to website design upon request for our current/past clients. It can be in a form of a VIP Design Day or a monthly retainer. This way you will get continuous support from your design partner (aka Lisa).

Let's create a brand that makes an impact!

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