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Destiny's Pops

Destiny came to us to help create an elevated experience for her customers. After 12+ years in business, it was time to revamp her DIY brand into a more professional and consistent brand experience. We redesigned everything from the logo to packaging architecture and the custom website. Now, Destiny can create a more consistent and professional content that will last for years to come.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Package Design
  • Website Design
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Illustrations
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Destiny in the kitchen

Faithfully Baked

In 2009, the founder of Destiny’s Pops heeded God’s call to follow her dream and turn her passions into a purpose-driven bakery. Since then, we have been serving some of the greatest baked goods. They specialize in making cake pops, cakes, cupcakes, cakes in a jar, cookies, and vegan sweets.

Destiny’s Pops are always looking for new ways to give back to the community. They believe it’s very important to empower young-hearted entrepreneurs to grow and achieve at whatever they put their minds to. Therefore, they strive to offer programs and services within their company that will help people to grow, learn, and connect.



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cake jar packaging



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