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Brands para la gente  for the people​

You’ve successfully survived the start-up phase of your biz – and even made it through the other side in one tasty piece. Yay! But… now what?


You want to make an impact in your customer’s lives, provide for you family, convert more sales, and build a something beyond your product, right?


Well, it starts with your brand!

Elevate Your Brand. Amplify Your Impact.

Ensure that not only will products land in carts but also etches a lasting place in customers' hearts

Boost your retail pitch confidence and shelf potential through strategic design

Craft an EXPERIENCE that magnifies the brilliance of your unique product

Featured Work

Brands Designed To Make You Drool​
Destiny in the kitchen

Destiny's Pops

Branding | Packaging | Website | Marketing Collateral

Recetonas hoodie


Branding | Merch | Marketing Collateral

Trudip Chocolate

TruDip Chocolate

Branding | Packaging

Disney-inspired churro enamel pin

Foodie Enamel Pins

Illustration | Merch Design

Menu of services

Ways we can serve you...

The Brand Brunch

Custom Brand Design

For new brands or rebrands that want to stand out from the crowd, earn trust and generate sustainable success for years to come.

The Unboxing Experience

Brand + Package Design

For product-based brands who want to get things right with their brand foundations and go from a “buy” to “unboxing” experience that makes their customers grin (and wins loyal repeat customers!). 

Finding Your Brand's Secret Recipe

Brand Strategy Workshop

For startup brands that want to start a brand on the right foot with their brand foundations.  We will uncover things like their brand’s differentiator and why anyone should care about their brand, and how to attract the right people.

Gimme The Goods

Custom Illustrations for your products

For all brands who wants to infuse  merchandise with flavor and flair with professionally illustrated merchandise that resonates with their loyal brand fans.

*Don’t see the service you’re looking for? Just ask! We may offer it on our “secret menu” 😉

Like Good Food, Great brands bring people together!

Ways we can serve you...

Menu of services

Shelf-Ready Brand

Brand + Package Design

For product-based brands who want to get things right with their brand foundations and go from ‘just a product’ to ‘I gotta try that’. Make an unboxing experience that wins loyal repeat customers!

Packaging Pantry

Packaging in 2 weeks!

You have an established brand and need a quick turnaround for up to 3 packaging designs or updates. Whether it’s for a seasonal release, a limited edition product, or a quick revamp, you need packaging that’s both swift and stellar.

Cart-Ready Brand

Brand, packaging, & website design

You’re looking to take your brand to the next level with a comprehensive design overhaul that includes brand identity, packaging, and a website. You understand the importance of a cohesive brand presence across all channels to build trust and attract your ideal customers.

Brand Bites

Additional Design collateral

For current brand partners with pressing design needs that require a quick turnaround. Whether it’s updating your packaging, creating new marketing materials, or refreshing your brand assets, you need high-quality design work done fast.

Brand Bites Review

Design Audit/Consultation

You’re a brand founder who isn’t ready to invest in done-for-you design services or you just need guidance on specific branding or packaging challenges. You know your brand identity needs expert insight to refine your vision and improve your market presence.

*Don’t see the service you’re looking for? Just ask! We may offer it on our “secret menu” 😉

Graphic Designer

Meet Lisa

Founder & Brand Chef​

Heeeey, go-getter!


Make yourself at home and grab your cafecito (or drink of choice). I’m Lisa, and I’m the Latina designer (been designing for 6+ years), founder and foodie making a magical mess and leaving creative crumbs all over the place here at Palm and Palma.


I’m here for two awesome reasons:


1. Helping awesome founders (like you) make a difference in your community with the power of design.


2. And convert your target audience into loyal lovers of your ethical brand!


Want to hear my story (and get the tea on what “Palm and Palma” really means)?

“...I loved working with Lisa and Marissa; its great to be working with young latinas. I felt like you got what I was trying to do and you both were so creative… It was awesome to see you taking my ideas, vision, and values and incorporating that into the end result. It was a lot of fun going through the creative process, I felt like I was playing… I am so excited to get this [brand] out there!”

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